Dundee 1
Renton 1
Scottish Cup (Semi Final)

1 - 1

Scottish Cup (Semi Final)
Saturday, February 16th, 1895
Carolina Port
Attendance: 7,500
3:15 PM Kick-off

Ritchie (o.g.) 
Johnny Darroch (o.g.)

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Francis Barrett
2. Johnny Darroch
3. Bill Ferrier
4. James Dundas
5. William Longair
6. Sandy Keillor
7. Bill Thomson
8. David McInroy
9. Willie Fleming
10. Bill Sawers
11. Sandy Gilligan

Match Officials

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

The long delayed Cup tie between Dundee and Renton was played off at Carolina Port on Saturday.

Special efforts have been made to put the ground in playable condition. The snow was cleared away, and the surface of the ground covered with a layer of earth, which gave it a firm appearance, but it was nevertheless heavy, and, as the game progressed, the wetness underneath cropped out in patches

Nearly 8000 spectators were present at the start. Dundee were without the series of Campbell and Maxwell, both of whom are on the sick-list.

Teams:- Dundee - Barrett; Darroch and Ferrier; Dundas, Longair, and Keillor; Thomson, McInroy, Fleming, Sawers, and Gilligan.

Renton:- Dickie; Ritchie and Glen; Tait, McColl, and Duncan; McLean, Murray, Price, Gilfillan, and White.

Renton won the toss, and set the home players to kick off with a strong sun in their eyes.

Dundee forced the pace at the outset, and from a foul in Renton territory a sharp tussle took place in front of goal. The visitors Right wing then broke away, and a foul in their favor was saved by Barrett in smart fashion.

Gilligan raised the siege, and dashed off towards the Renton goal at a fast pace but his parting shot from a few yards out was wide of the mark.

A smart run by the Renton front rank was brought up by Darroch with a strong kick. McInroy got on the ball, and a smart pass to Thomson let the young right-winger away. A clever dodgy run was terminated with a beautiful centre from the touch-line, but none of the Dundee men were up in time, and the backs cleared.

The Blue jerseys had a turn of pressing, but the shooting for goal was poor, and Barrett had no difficulty in clearing his lines.

Play surged towards midfield, and for a time the effort of both teams visibly slackened. A solo run by Fleming relieved the monotony, and the spectators were preparing to cheer when Fleming essayed a shot from a few yards out but the angle was a difficult one, and the ball rolled harmlessly past.

Shortly afterwards McInroy collided violently with one of the opposing team, and play was stopped for a few minutes, but the Dundee lad was able to resume his position without leaving the field.

Dundee resumed the attack, and several good chances fell to them, but the tries for goal were feeble, and they were driven back pointless.

The Renton men next took up the aggressive, but the home defence was safe, and the referee gave the signal for a suspension of hostilities, neither side having scored.

On restarting the home men invaded, and several good shots at goal were just cleared by the Renton custodian.

A foul against the visiting team was taken by Darroch, who dropped the ball nicely in the goalmouth. A vigorous tussle ensued in front of Dickie's charge. In attempting to save, Ritchie back-heeled the ball into the net. Loud cheers greeted this success of the home side, and play became more lively.

The villagers worked hard to make up their leeway, but they were not at all points with a determined resistance, and the front rank were never allowed to come within range.

The home forwards were also putting in a lot of work, and a beautiful passing run ended in Sawers sending in a hard shot. Gilligan rushed into goal and gave it the finishing touch, but in doing so his hand came in contact with the leather, and at the same time he received a nasty knock witch stretched him breathless on the ground.

Play was suspended for a few minutes, and, on resuming, the ball was kicked off from goal, the point being disallowed.

The play of the home team now fell off considerably, and, on the other hand, the Renton lads seemed to waken up, and they kept up a vigorous rally in Dundee quarters.

In attempting to block a long shot, Darroch kicked the ball through his own goal, and the teams were put on level terms.

This unexpected success put new life into the visitors, and they returned to the attack in determined fashion. For a time it looked odds on their adding a second point.

Longair relieved at length with a powerful kick, and the home forwards were once more swarming in front of the Renton goal. A number of hard shots were sent into Dickie, who, with the assistance of the backs, for a time kept the Dundee men at bay.

At length Sawers found an opening, and banged a hard shot into goal, which one of the backs fisted out. Dundee were awarded a penalty, and Sawers was entrusted with the kick. The attempt was a feeble one, however, and the ball missed the post by a foot.

Time was now nearly up, and, though Dundee strove hard to put on the winning point, they were driven back to midfield, where the ball remained till the close, when the scores stood:- Dundee, 1 goal; Renton, 1.

Squad Statistics (as at February 16th, 1895)

1894-95 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)22 17 - 23 -
Willie Fleming - 144144
Johnny Darroch - 17 - 17 -
Bill Ferrier - 8 - 25 -
William Longair24 16 - 331
Sandy Keillor27 172358
Bill Sawers - 148148
James Dundas27 1613313
David McInroy - 71178
Bill Thomson - 174348
Sandy Gilligan - 1152711

League Table (as at February 16th, 1895)

No league table has been added for this season.