Dundee 1
Celtic 0
Scottish Cup (3rd Round)

1 - 0

Scottish Cup (3rd Round)
Saturday, January 19th, 1895
Carolina Port
Attendance: 12,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Bill Sawers 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Francis Barrett
2. Johnny Darroch
3. George Campbell
4. James Dundas
5. William Longair
6. Sandy Keillor
7. William Thomson
8. David McInroy
9. William Maxwell
10. Bill Sawers
11. Sandy Gilligan
Joseph Cullen
Thomas Dunbar
Daniel Doyle
Willie Maley
James Kelly
Jake Madden
Jimmy Blessington
John Divers
Joe Cassidy
John Campbell

Match Officials

Mr Philips (Aberdeen) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

These teams met on Carolina Port, Dundee, on Saturday to settle their postponed Scottish Cup tie.

Thi match was looked upon as the most important that the draws had created, and, looking to the splendid form recently displayed by both teams, a hard contest was expected.

Enormous interest was displayed in the West, as well as in Juteopolin, and a coniderable number of Celtic supporters travelled from Glasgow to witness the encounter, while, despite the fact that a big match was being played in Edinburgh, a large contingent arrived from the city, an helped to swell the crowd at Carolina.

Long before the hour of starting the spectators began to gather within the grounds, and at the time of kicking off it was estimated that no fewer than 10,000 person were within the enclosu re.

Since the eruption of the new stand with its lofty barricade the "burning mountain" in Ferry Road has been out of favour with those who prefer their amusements "free gratis and for nothing," but on Saturday a crows of several hundreds crowned the slope, and remained throughout, seemingly content with the occasional glimpse of play which their situation afforded.

A few minutes before the time fixed on for the start the teams piled up under the control of Mr Phillips, Aberdeen, as follows:- Dundee - Barrett; Darroch and Campbell; Dundas, Longair, and Keillor; Thomson, McInroy, Maxwell, Sawers, Gilligan.

Celtic - Cullen; Dunbar and D. Doyle; Maley, Kelly, and McElney; Madden, Blessington, Divers, Cassidy and Campbell.

The Celts won the toss, and Maxwell for Dundee set the leather in motion. Both teams started in vigorous style, and it soon became evident that the game was to be a fast one. The home players wear

the first to look dangerous, but the Celts were not to be caught napping so early in the game, and Doyle relieved with a huge kick.

The Celtic right wing had a short run, which ended in Madden running the ball over the touchline. From the throw in Sawers collared the leather, and play was brought in the vicinity of Cullen. Gilligan had a try which just missed by inches, and immediately thereafter Maxwell shot hard into goal.

Caullen returned, but Sawers was on the alert, and banged the ball into the net.

This early success of Dundee was greeted with enthusiasm chords, and Inspired with hopes of victory, the home men played up with dash, and the Celtic defence was kept busy.

Doyle was a tower of strenght to the Celts at this stage, but Thomson and McInroy stuck to him gamely, and more than once the great Dan was fairly beaten by the tricky Dundee lads.

A foul against Darroch looked ominous to the Dundonians. Doyle took the kick, and dropped the ball almost in the mouth of the Dundee goal. Barrett fisted away smartly, but it was returned again, and the spectators held their breath as the ball bobbed from player to player in a tantalising way.

Cassidy eventually brought relief by heading the ball past.

Dundee got away again, and Gilligan forced Dunbar to concede a corner,

The kick was well taken, and Maxwell almost scored again, but Doyle kicked away in the nick of time.

The Celtic Invaded, and Divers, after a lively tussle with Keillor, sent in a swift shot , which just skimmed the crossbar.

Maxwell and Thomson next got together, and between them they carried the ball down the field.

Doyle stepped in, but Thomson slipped him neatly, and passed to Maxwell, who drove hard for goal, but Cullen saved splendidly.

The home players continued to press, and for a time the Celtic ocould not get beyond midfield the Dundee halves sticking closely to their men, and completely breaking up the combinationnof the Celtic front rank.

Campbell and Cassidy at length worked their way westward, and a long shot forbgoal resulted in corner for the Irishman, a decision which was received with disapproval by a large section of the spectators.

The ball was got away, however, without result, and play was transferred to midfield Shortly there after the whistle was blown for half-times with the scores standing:-Dundee, 1 goal: Celtic, 0.

On restarting the Celtic played up in determined fashion, and Barrett had to save a hot one from the foot of Blessington, and an equally hard shot from the left almost brought about the downfall of the Dundee citadel.

Barrett was all there, however, and the pressure was relieved by Sawyer, who transferred to Maxwell, and that player made off towards Cullen at top speed.

Doyle checked his progress, but the ball was sent across to Thomson, who shot for goal. A sharp tunnel in front of the Celtic posts ended in Doyle tipping the ball over the bar.

Thomson, from the corner flag, placed the ball nicely into the goalmouth, but Doyle retrieved his former mistake with a strong kick.

Blessington caught up the leather and ran down with it til he was brought up by Campbell, who disposed him smartly, bat in the effort suntainted a nasty fall, and play was stopped for a few minutes.

The Dundee captain, though limping badly, refused to leave the field, and the ball was thrown up by the referee.

Gilligan and Sawers next got on the leather, and McDelaney, in attempting to stop them, got hurt and was led off the field. He reappeared in a few minutes apparently little the worse.

The game was now drawing to a close, and the Celts seemed as far off from scoring as ever. Indeed, the home men were having the best of matters, and on several occasions came within an ace of Increasing their lead.

A succession of fouls against the Dundee revived the drooping spirits of the Irishmen, and cries of "Play op Celtis" urged them on.

The forwards were putting in a lot of work at this stage, and it seemed if the equaliser must come. Campbell on one occasion beoing grassed by Darroch a few yards from goal just as he was steading himself to shoot.

The Dundee defence prevailed, however, and the hopes of the Irishman were quenched when Sawers with a vigorous kick sent the sphere well up the field.

Immediately thereafter the referee gave the signal for hostilities to cease, leaving the scores standing-Dundee, I goal; Celtic, nil.

Squad Statistics (as at January 19th, 1895)

1894-95 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)22 15 - 21 -
Johnny Darroch - 15 - 15 -
George Campbell - 12 - 17 -
Sandy Keillor27 152338
William Longair24 14 - 311
James Dundas26 1413113
Sandy Gilligan - 942510
William Maxwell - 3445
David McInroy - 61168
Bill Sawers23 127127
William Thomson20 154328

League Table (as at January 19th, 1895)

Pld W D L +/- Pts

No games played.