Dundee 4
Clyde 1
League (Division One)

4 - 1

League (Division One)
Saturday, August 18th, 1894
Carolina Port
Attendance: 5,000
3:30 PM Kick-off

Sandy Gilligan 
Bill Sawers 
Bill Sawers 
James Dundas 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Francis Barrett
2. Johnny Darroch
3. George Campbell
4. James Dundas
5. William Longair
6. Sandy Keillor
7. William Thomson
8. Willie Fleming
9. Bill Sawers
10. Sandy Gilligan
11. Charles Dickson

Match Officials

Mr Baillie (St Bernards) (Referee)

Match Report

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Dundee continued their League programme on Saturday when they faced the Clyde at Carolina Port.

The Glasgow men came with a good reputation, having scored victories over Third Lanark and Linthouse. Great interest was centred in the match, and about 5000 spectators assembled in anticipation of a hard game.

The weather was perfect, though a trifle warm for football. When the teams appeared it was seen that Dundee had one alteration from last week, Dundas replacing Buttar at half-back.

Clyde won the toss, and punctually to time the teams lined up under the charge of Mr Baillie (St Bernards) as follows:- Dundee - Goal, Barrett; Backs, Darroch and Campbell; half-backs, Dundas, Longair, and Keillor; forwards, Thomson, Fleming, Sawers, Gilligan, and Dickson.

Clyde - Goal, Henderson; backs, Goldie and McKinley ; halfbacks, Osborne, Chalmers, and Morrison : forwards, Crawford, Stevenson, Miller, Wright, and Leslie.

Sawers kicked otf towards the east goal, and at once Dundee's right wing got to work, Thomson centring finely.

An exciting scrimmage took place in the goal mouth, the Clyde goalkeeper having to fist out twice in succession, but relief was obtained by Keillor shooting behind. From the goal kick Crawford and Stevenson on the Clyde's right tried to break away, but Keillor tackled them in grand style, and play was transferred to the Clydes territory.

Hands off Dundas brought the ball back, and Clyde breaking away the first corner of the match was obtained. Thomson got the ball away, but it was returned, and ultimately sent behind.

Clyde continued to have more of the game, and from a foul Barrett had to save for the first time.

Dickson and Gilligan had a fine run down the left wing, and, Dickson centring finely, Sawers shot against the goalkeeper, who made a very lucky save.

Still pressing, Dundee obtained a corner, which was cleared, but a Clyde man fouled. Keillor took the kick, and, placing beautifully, the Clyde goal in another narrow escape.

Thomson headed the ball, which ran along the bar, but was ultimately sent up the field.

The stranger's centre got possession, and, the ball is placed in the goalmouth, and from an exciting scrimmage it was rushed through amidst great excitement. First blood for the Clyde.

Roused by this reverse, the local team played up desperately, but the forwards were indulging in too much fancy work, which was promptly nipped in the bud by the Clyde half-backs.

Play raged around the Clyde goal, and the goalkeeper, he had plenty to do, and he saved several shots very smartly. A fine passing run by Fleming, Sawers, and Gilligan was ended by Dickson centring across the goal, but the ball was put behind. Dundas caught up the kick, and, placing finely, Gilligan shot in.

Henderson returned, but Sawers got possession and placed the ball in the net, equalising the score amidst great cheering.

From the kick-off Clyde broke away, but the ball was sent over the bar. Dickson then had a fine ran down the left, and, after some clever footwork in front of the goal, Sawers hooked the ball into the net in brilliant fashion, placing the home team one up to the great delight of the crowd.

On resuming, Clyde tried hard to make up their leeway, but Darroch and Campnell were impassable, and half-time Was called with the ball in Dundee territory. Half-time:- Dundee, 2 goals; Clyde, 1 goal.

After a short interval, Miller started the ball, but Longair returned smartly, and Dickson and Gilligan bore down on the visitors' goal, but the Clyde backs stopped the rush.

The game began to get rather lively. Fouls were numerous, and the referee had very frequently to use his authority. Dundee began to slacken down a bit, and Clyde took up the running, Barrett kicking out a shot from Miller smartly. The ball continued to hover about the home club's goal, but Dickson broke away, and Henderson had to save.

Clyde's goal now ran several narrow escapes, the ball going everywhere but through. Dundee maintained the pressure, and after twenty-five minutes had gone Gilligan beat the goalkeeper with a fine shot amidst great enthusiasm.

Miller restarted, and the Glasgow men, through Crawford and Sterenson, bore down on Dundee's goal, but Campbell stopped them very cleverly, and again the Clyde defence was severely tested.

Sawers had a fine opportunity of adding to the score but put in a very soft shot, which was easily cleared. Dundee were now having all the play, and a steady pressure maintained on the Clyde goal.

Relief was obtained, and the Glasgow men made off eastwards again. Darroch, however, brought them up, and by a powerful kick transfered play once more round the visitors goal.

Sawers got a chance, but when in a good psition shot past. From a pass by Fleming, Dickson made a good attempt, the ball just dropping over the bar.

Less than five minutes from time Dundas put in a fine drooping shot, and the ball was reached through. The strangers made a last desperate attempt to add to their score, but Barrett saved cooly, and the end came with a substantial victory for home team, the score standing-Dundee, 4 goals; Clyde, 1 goal.

Squad Statistics (as at August 18th, 1894)

1894-95 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)22 2 - 8 -
Johnny Darroch - 2 - 2 -
Willie Fleming - 2 - 2 -
George Campbell - 2 - 7 -
Sandy Keillor26 2 - 206
William Longair24 2 - 191
Charles Dickson - 2121
James Dundas26 111813
Sandy Gilligan - 21187
Bill Sawers23 2222
William Thomson20 2 - 194

League Table (as at August 18th, 1894)

Pld W D L +/- Pts

No games played.