Dundee 1
Celtic 1
League (Division One)

1 - 1

League (Division One)
Saturday, August 11th, 1894
Carolina Port
Attendance: 10,000
3:30 PM Kick-off

Charles Dickson 
Walter Lees (90)

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Francis Barrett
2. Johnny Darroch
3. George Campbell
4. Jim Buttar
5. William Longair
6. Sandy Keillor
7. William Thomson
8. Willie Fleming
9. Bill Sawers
10. Sandy Gilligan
11. Charles Dickson
Joseph Cullen
Jeremiah Reynolds
Daniel Doyle
John Curran
James Kelly
John Campbell
Jake Madden
James Blessington
Joe Cassidy

Match Officials

Mr Allison (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

The above clubs opened the League programme on Saturday last at Carolina Port.

Much interest was taken in the contest, as some new blood had been secured for the ranks of the Celtis, while several important changes had been fed in the local team. At the commencement of the game it was estimated that the crowd would number close upon 10,000.

Prompt to time the Celtic appeared, and were awarded a hearty cheer, and a minute later the Dundee received a rousing cheer as they stepped on to the field.

The spin of the coin was in favour of the Celtic captain, who decided to defend the west goal, and the teams, under the care of Mr Allison (St Mirren), lined up as follows:- Celtic- Callen; Reynolds and Doyle: Curran, Kelly, and Dowds; Campbell Madden, Lee, Blessington, and Cassidy.

Dundee - Barrett; Darroch and Campbell; Buttar, Longair, and Keillor; Thomson, Fleming, Sawers, Gilligan, and Dickson.

Sawers kicked off, and at once the home forwards invaded the visitors territory. Dickson, however, shot wide, and Sawers almost immediately afterwards lost a fine opportunity by shooting over.

A run down by the Celtic forwards enabled Campbell, who was lying close up, to try a shot. This, however, went was lying close mp, to try a shot. This, however, went wide.

The Celtic then pressed, but the home defence was playing a perfect game, and although Campbell tried Barrett with a beauty that player deftly put it over the bar.

The corner came to nothing, but the Celts still hovered round the Dundee goal, where another corner fell to their lot. This was weakly placed, and the home forwards essayed an attack on Cullen, who was called upon to save.

A smart bit of tackling by Buttars gave Thomson a chance, and the ball just skimmed the bar. Play now ruled fast, both goals being frequently visited, while Darroch, Keillor, and Buttar were repeatedly cheered for smart tackling.

Some forcible tactics were now engaged in by both sides, and the half-backs of both teams nipped in time any attempts at combination by the forwards.

Madden and Lee initiated a clever run, and Barrett had to negotiate a hot one from blessington. He, however, cleared splendidly, and Dundee were soon making for the other end, where Reynolds was forced to kick out.

The throw-in brought out the merits of Cullen, and the ball again went out of play. The visitors' defence successfully cleared. and, giving their forwards the opportunity, they got well east, and Barrett had a rather anxious time.

A foul in favour of Dundee was judiciously placed by Keillor, and a fierce scrimmage round the Celts goal brought Cullen to his knees. Doyle, however, averted the danger, and the first half ended with neither side having scored.

The second half opened with the Dundee forwards getting down on Cullen's charge, but the ball was sent ont of play, some amusement being caused by Fleming bringing down the burly Dan.

A fine piece of head work by the house forwards was terminated by Gilligan sending in a scorcher, which was thrown oit in the nick of time. Dickson then had a shot, but the ball went past the post.

A close bombardment on the Celtic goal followed, and Doyle cleared time after time. A foul off Longair allowed the visitor to get away, but Buttar sent the ball down the field, where, after some close play, a corner fell to Dundee. This was cleared, but the home left got well in, and, Curran misjudging, Dickson drew first blood after eighteen minutes play.

The cheering was deafening, and was again renewed as from the kick-off the home train again took up the running, and the Celtic defence was sadly taxed.

Doyle, however, was playing in superb form, and time after time nullified the efforts of Fleming and Thomson when becoming dangerous,

Any attempt at headway by the visitors' forward was partly stopped by Longair & Co. while any of the few ran they managed to get down found Darroch and Campbell on the alert.

Up to this point Dundee had all the best of matters, and with nine minutes to go and with a goal to the good the crowd were naturally jubilant, and matters still looked better as Cullen was forced to grant a corner. The ball was, however, got away, and a smart bit of tackling by Campbell in checking an inroad by Madden and Lee brought play to midfield, where a foul against Dundas was well placed by Doyle.

Campbell, however, cleared, and with the aid of throw-ins Dundee got down, and Gilligan tried a long shot, which, however, went behind.

Almost immediately the Celtic forwards were at the other end, where a sharp fusilade was kept up on Barrett. Again and again the ball was sent out of danger, only to be returned, and amidst long cries of "Time's up" the ball was scrimmaged through. The game, thus ended in a draw of 1 goal each.

Squad Statistics (as at August 11th, 1894)

1894-95 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)22 1 - 7 -
Johnny Darroch - 1 - 1 -
Willie Fleming - 1 - 1 -
George Campbell - 1 - 6 -
Sandy Keillor26 1 - 196
William Longair24 1 - 181
Charles Dickson - 1111
Jim Buttar - 1 - 21
Sandy Gilligan - 1 - 176
Bill Sawers23 1 - 1 -
William Thomson20 1 - 184

League Table (as at August 11th, 1894)

Pld W D L +/- Pts

No games played.