Dundee 8
Renton 1
League (Division One)

8 - 1

League (Division One)
Saturday, February 10th, 1894
West Craigie Park
Attendance: 4,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

James Dundas 
Bill Thomson 
David McInroy 
David McInroy 
Henry Matthew 
Sandy Keillor 
Sandy Gilligan 
Sandy Keillor 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Francis Barrett
2. Bill Ferrier
3. James Brown
4. Henry Matthew
5. William Longair
6. Bob Petrie
7. Bill Thomson
8. David McInroy
9. James Dundas
10. Sandy Gilligan
11. Sandy Keillor

Match Officials

Mr J. Richardson (Hearts) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

Notwithstanding the cold, bleak weather on Saturday, the League fixture between these teams drew a crowd numbering several thousands to West Craigie, and the game, although it turned out to be a one-sided affair, was by no means devoid of interest, particularly in the first line.

The teams were :- Dundee -Barrett; Ferrier and Brown; Matthew, Longair, and Petrie : Thomson, McInroy, Dundas, Gilligan, and Keillor.

Renton - Davie; McDermid and McCall; Glen, Tait, and Fleming; Murray, Price, Gilfillan, White, and Duncan. Referee - Mr J. Richardson, Heart of Mid lothian.

Dundee kicked off against both incline and wind, but this notwithstanding they were the first to invade, although the attempt was abortive. After a look in by Renton, Dundee returned and obtained a corner.
The visitors cleared, Davie making quite a reputation for himself by his smartness between the uprights.

It was apparent, however, that the West Craigie men were outplaying their opponents, and after fifteen minutes had elapsed Keillor led away beautifully.
The other forwards followed up, and Dundas scored from an accurate pass. Dundee followed up this success, the forwards passing the ball from wing to wing with amazing precision. The Renton back division were hopelessly unble to cope with this kind of work, and Thomson beat Davie for the second time. Though two goals behind, the Renton fronts did their utmost to get away, but they were kept in check, and for a time play was almost wholly in the Renton territory.

Several easy chances were thrown away by Dundee, but before the interval Mcinroy was responsible for a third goal, and this was the state of the poll when the teams crossed over.

The second half had hardly begun when the Renton custodian was hotly besieged. Quite a plethora of shots were negotiated by Davie, who was warmly cheered. Although the defence of the Renton was all over strong, it was not equal to the task of controverting the Dundee front rank, and a fourth goal was soon registered, the ball passing through off one of the visitors' backs.

Subsequently Dundee had the game almost wholly to themselves, the visitors being pinned to their citadel. The feature of the game was the splendid work which Davie continued to undertake.

Several corners were conceded to Dundee, but these were not turned to account. Immediately afterwards Dundee scored twice in quick succession, Matthew and Keillor doing the needful.

A seventh and eighth soon followed, and then Dundee began to take matters easy.

They could certainly have increased their total, but the forwards appeared to prefer to amuse themselves, and, taking advantage of this, the Renton forwards rudely awakened the home eleven by rushing to Barrett's charge, where Gilfillan had no difficulty in scoring. No sooner had the ball been kicked off again than the whistle sounded, and the match ended in a victory for Dundee by 8 goals to 1.

Squad Statistics (as at February 10th, 1894)

1893-94 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)21 3 - 3 -
James Brown - 11 - 11 -
Bill Ferrier - 14 - 14 -
William Longair23 141141
Sandy Keillor26 155155
Henry Matthew - 6161
Bob Petrie19 121121
David McInroy - 7676
Bill Thomson - 144144
James Dundas26 14111411
Sandy Gilligan - 145145

League Table (as at February 10th, 1894)

Pld W D L +/- Pts
1. Celtic 15 13 1 1 +26 27
2. Hearts 13 7 4 2 +9 18
3. Dumbarton 16 6 5 5 -3 17
4. Rangers 13 6 4 3 +7 16
5. St Bernard's 14 7 1 6 +5 15
6. St Mirren 15 6 3 6 +5 15
7. Dundee 15 6 2 7 0 14
8. Third Lanark 15 6 2 7 -6 14
9. Leith 14 3 2 9 -12 8
10. Renton 16 0 2 14 -31 2