Dundee 4
Dumbarton 0
League (Division One)

4 - 0

League (Division One)
Saturday, December 9th, 1893
West Craigie Park
Attendance: 5,000
2:20 PM Kick-off

James Dundas 
James Dundas 
Sandy Keillor 
Bill Thomson (25)

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. George Ramsay
2. Bill Ferrier
3. George Campbell
4. Alex Craig
5. William Longair
6. Bob Petrie
7. Bill Thomson
8. David McInroy
9. James Dundas
10. Sandy Gilligan
11. Sandy Keillor
John McLeod .1
Alex Miller .2
Alf Smith .3
Daniel Thomson .4
Tom McMillan .5
Lawrence Bell .6
William Campbell .7
John Taylor .8
Bob Ferrier .9
Wilson .10
Billy Andrews .11

Match Officials

Mr. Allison (Paisley) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier | Ref. BNA (www.britishnewspaperarchive.co.uk); The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

This important fixture came West Craigie Park on Saturday afternoon. A good game was looked forward to, as both clubs were none too well off on the League table, although the Dumbarton held the better position. There was plenty of rain during the week, and the ground, although it trifle soft, was not at all in bad condition.

The attendance at the start was good and before the Interval there must have been fully 5000 present. Punctually to advertised time entered the the enclosure to uphold their honour of their respective sides - Mr Alison, Paisley, having the teams under his directions as referee:- Dundee-Ramsay; Ferrier and Campbell; Craig, Longair, and Petrie; Thomson, McInroy, Dundas, Gilligan, and Keillor.

Dumbarton - McLeod; McMillan and Smith; Wilson, Thomson and Miller; Taylor, Ferrier, Bell, Andrews and Campbell.

The Dundee captain was again lucky in the choice of ends, and Bell started for Dumbarton towards the south goal. The game opened briskly. Keillor from a return be Campbell was first to get away, but Smith relieved, and Dumbarton were soon at the south end, where Ramsay saved a likely shot.

Dundas got clear but McMillan and Smith were defending well, and Taylor dashed down the right. A corner off Campbell was well placed, but the home defence were working in capital style, and Thomson, securing the punt out, rushed north. McMillan intercepted, and the visitors front line again got down on Ramsay, but nothing resulted.

The forwards on both sides were now showing good combination, and from a combined attack by the homesters, Gilligan placed well to Keillor, but. McLeod saved. Still Dundee continued to press very hard, but no goal would come.

Play was now very fast, and Craig, with a splendid drive, almost scored. A foul close in off Petrie at the other end gave Dumbarton a good chance but Wilson's effort was easily cleared, and the home fronts were at the north end in u body.

McInroy put one into McLeod's hands, but his return was weak, and Thomson headed through for Dundee after some twenty-five minutes' play.

Resuming, a corner off McMillan was cleared in time, and then Thomson close in had a good chance, but was ruled off-side. Campbell and Andrews got away on the visitors left but, Ferrier was defending in superb fashion, and the sons of the Rock were driven back.

From a foul placed well, but nothing resulted, and then some open play took place, neither side gaining the advantage. Nearing the interval Taylor and Ferrier got down, but a foul close in was not improved on, the suspension arriving with Dundee leading by one goal, the score being:- Dundee, 1; Dunibiron, 0.

Some lively play characterised the opening of the second half. The visitors were striving very hard to get on equal terms, but Ramsay was really never troubled, while at the other end McLeod was javing a warm time.

After McMillan and Smith had cleared several times, Keillor and Gilligan got through, and Dundas, from a cross by the former, had no difficulty in shooting past M'Leod, and Dundee now stood two goals ahead.

From the centre ball and comrades tried hard to get through, but were met at every point by a most capable defence, and Dundee now held the game safe.

A foul to Dumbarton gave them a chance, but they could no headway and Dundee kept up a continious siege st McLeod's charge. The home fronts were simply rushing through Dumbarton's defence, and from an overhead centre by Thomson, Dundas piloted a third Dundee goal.

The cheers that followed this success has hardly ceased when Dumbarton were at the other end. A corner and a foul, however, availed them little, and Dundee went down with splendid combination, and Keliler banged in a forth point for his side. Just on time Dumbarton had an opportunity, but Andrews missed badly, and then Gilligan apparently dropped one past McLeod but the claim was overruled, and the game ended, Dundee winning handsomely, the final result being - Dundee, 4 : Dumbarton, 0

Squad Statistics (as at December 9th, 1893)

1893-94 All Time
George Ramsay (GK) - 3 - 3 -
Alex Craig - 101101
Bill Ferrier - 11 - 11 -
William Longair23 111111
Bob Petrie19 101101
Sandy Keillor26 123123
George Campbell - 3 - 3 -
James Dundas25 119119
Sandy Gilligan - 124124
Bill Thomson - 111111
David McInroy - 4343

League Table (as at December 9th, 1893)

Pld W D L +/- Pts
1. Celtic 11 9 1 1 +18 19
2. Hearts 12 6 4 2 +6 16
3. Rangers 10 6 3 1 +12 15
4. St Bernard's 12 7 1 4 +8 15
5. St Mirren 12 6 2 4 +11 14
6. Dumbarton 13 4 5 4 -6 13
7. Dundee 12 4 2 6 -6 10
8. Leith 13 3 2 8 -10 8
9. Third Lanark 11 3 2 6 -12 8
10. Renton 14 0 2 12 -21 2