Dundee 1
Heart of Midlothian 1
East of Scotland League (EOSL)

1 - 1

East of Scotland League (EOSL)
Saturday, February 27th, 1897
Carolina Port
Attendance: 3,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Joe Clark 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Jack Hillman
2. Bob Kelso
3. Charlie Burgess
4. Stuart Hall
5. Bill McArthur
6. Sandy Keillor
7. Dicky Allan
8. Joe Clark
9. Joe Devlin
10. Dave Willocks
11. Jim Smith
R. Walker
J. Walker

Match Officials

Mr. Walker (Kilmarnock) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier.

Dundee opened their East of Scotland League career on Saturday afternoon at Carolina Port when they played the Heart of Midlothian.

Considering the importance of the fixture, the attendance was rather poor, only between two and three thousand spectators witnessing the kick-off.

The ground was in fine condition, although, strange to say, the weather for the past few days has been anything but ideal. Both teams were strong, the Hearts, however, being without Hogg, their captain.

The following were the teams:- Dundee- Hillman; Kelso and Burgess; Hall, McArthur, and Keillor: Allan. Clark, Devlin. Willocks. and Smith.

Hearts - Fairbairn; McCartney and Keir; Begbie, Marshall, and McLaren, Baird, R. Walker, Sharp. J. Walker, and Robertson.

Referee - Mr Walker. Kilmarnock.

Kelso won the toss, and Sharp started for the visitors. Dundee at once took up the running, and for a while the Hearts could not get beyond midfield. Their defence, however, offered a stubborn resistance, with the result that their goal was kept in comparative safety. Devlin tried a long shot, but nothing resulted.

Dundee continued persistent in their efforts, and Clark was not long in scoring a well-deserved goal.

The Hearts, needless to say, were nettled at this, and renewed their efforts strongly, but Kelso and Burgess were not to be beaten, and the home forwards were soon again at Fairbairn, a shot from Willocks striking the post and going behind.

The visitors attempted to break away, but Keillor was ever on the watch, and nicely repelled the attack. Hillman had only been tested once as yet. and the shot which came his direction was easily saved. From a pass by Allan, Devlin tried Fairbairn, but he shot too high and the ball sailed harmlessly over the bar.

Play was now fairly even, although on the whole the ground men were having just a bit more of the game than their opponents. Dundee had the sun and the wind in their favour for the first forty-five minutes, but luck seemed dead against them at times, otherwise the score might have by this time exceeded more than a solitary goal.

The Dundee halves towards the close of the first period had more to do than in the opening stages, but they managed to hold the Hearts' forwards fairly well in check. No more scoring took place in this period, and the whistle sounded with the score standing: -Dundee, 1; Heart of Midlothian. 0.

Dundee started well in the second period. Keir, however, relieved the pressure grandly, and the Hearts had a turn of pressing. Kelso and Burgess were equal to the occasion, and repelled their efforts brilliantly. Allan getting possession of the leather, passed right across the field, and Fairbairn -"ready, aye ready" - caught the ball. Before he got it away, however. Smith was on him, and a corner resulted, but it proved fruitless.

Dundee contended well against the wind and sun but McCartney and Keir were playing finely, and it was mainly through their efforts that Fairbairn was not beaten.

Smith again tried Fairbairn, but the Edinburgh custodian saved in fine style. The Dundee forwards again initiated a run westwards. It had no definite result, however, McCartney interposing. Hillman on the whole, was now having more to do than previously, and at last the scores were equalised from a foul, McLaren being the scorer.

The Hearts for a while kept Dundee well in their own territory, but with safe play on the part of Hillman and the backs the home goal remained intact. The ground forwards at length broke away, but they could not score.

The game at times was very exciting, especially for a short time after the visitors equalised, but it is to the home team's credit that their defence was less tested than their opponents.

In the closing stages of the game Dundee tried with might and main to lower the colours of the League champions, but they were unsuccessful, and a good game ended in a draw of one goal each.

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