Dundee 4
King's Park 2

4 - 2
King's Park 

Saturday, January 23rd, 1897
Carolina Port
3:00 PM Kick-off

Dicky Allan 
Dave Willocks 
Dave Willocks 
Joe Clark 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. Jack Hillman
2. Edward Hamilton
3. Charlie Burgess
4. Stuart Hall
5. Bill McArthur
6. James Dundas
7. Dicky Allan
8. Joe Clark
9. Joe Devlin
10. Dave Willocks
11. Jim Smith

Match Officials

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier.

These clubs should have met at Carolina Port on Saturday in the second round of the Scottish Cup tics, but, unfortunately, towards the latter part of the week severe frost set in, and on an inspection of the ground on Saturday morning it was declared unfit for such an important tie.

Both clubs, however, agreed to play a friendly, and although many enthusiasts did not enter through the turnstiles when it became known that a friendly was the only outlook, nevertheless a goodly crowd turned out to gauge the form of the Stirling team.

The teams were:- Dundee - Hillman; Kelso and Burges; Hall, McArthur, and Keillor: Allan, Clark, Devlin, Willocks, and Smith.

King's Park - Thomson; Brand and Christie; Thomson, Wilkie, and McInnes: Kinghorn, McInnes, Crawford: Scotland, and Sturrock.

The spin of the coin favoured Dundee, and King's Park kicked off against the sun. Dundee were early prominent, and Thomson had several times to look lively in clearing his charge. Some capital tackling by McInnes and the two backs, however, gave relief, and Kinghorn, on the extreme right, got close in, and tried Hillman with a shot. This was, however, saved, while a minute later a shot from the same player went past.

King's Park were now having a big say in the game, and it was only after a lengthened stay in home territory that a sudden break-away by the Dundee attack enabled Clark to score with a long shot. This seemed to stimulate Dundee to greater efforts, and shortly afterwards Willocks put his team two up, the interval arriving with the score Dundee, 2; King's Park, 0.

The second period opened with Dundee forcing the King's Park defence, and excellent shots were sent in by Smith and Hall. Thomson, however, was safe, and turned all likely shots aside with ease, and it was from one of his throws-out that gave McInnes on the right an opportunity, and that player dashing off got well down, and, passing the ball well across, Scotland put it past Hillman.

This reverse caused Dundee to press strongly for a time, but suddenly the Stirling team got eastwards, and with a long shot Kinghorn equalised the game.

Play now ruled even, but gradually the stamina of the home team began to tell, and Willocks, who had been playing well all through, placed his team on the lead, and soon afterwards Allan, by a fine effort, put through goal No. 4.

Dundee to the finish had the best of matters, but rash shooting and the visitors' excellent defence kept them from increasing their total, and time was called, leaving Dundee victors.

Scores - Dundee, 4: King's Park, 2.

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