Woolwich Arsenal 3
Dundee 1


3 - 1


Friday, April 3rd, 1896
Plumstead Ground
Attendance: 9,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

William Longair 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
Bill Coventry .1
Johnny Darroch .2
Charlie Burgess .3
George Philip .4
William Longair .5
Bill Hendry .6
Bill Thomson .7
Sandy Gilligan .8
Wilf Toman .9
Alex Black .10
Sandy Keillor .11

Match Officials

Band Sergeant Conquer (Referee)

Match Report

There was a mighty throng on the Plumstead Grounds yesterday, when the Woolwich Arsenal F. and A.C. and the Dundee teams played their Association game. Fortunately the rain held off throughout the struggle, so that both spectators and piayers had nothing to find fault with in that respect. The absence of any sun was somewhat depressing for the onlookers, but neither team could complain of having their vision interfered with by Old Sol's glare.

The home eleven get the ball rolling from the western end of the field, but as there was an entire absence of wind the choice of positions meant little or nothing. The visiting players set the pace very hot, and for over a quarter of an hour they certainly had the call in the matter of pressing.

Toman was the first man to make a shot for the net, but his effort was thwarted by Fairclough, who defended the home citadel in fine style. The Scotchmen were not to be driven back, however. They kept on pressing, sad eventually Longair put the ball in from a tangent shot. This ought to have been stopped, but Fairclough was not quite quick enough.

This was bad, but within a few minutes the Arsenal players allowed an excellent chance to go by. Very soon afterwards the home players were given a free kick, and Boyd scored. He could scarcely have done otherwise, as he was right in front of the visiting players' net. This made the tally one goal for each side.

Now, the Arsenal men buckled down to a good and resolute game. They drove their rivals before them until Mortimer centered the ball to O'Brien. The latter put the ball into the net. Just before the call of half-time Black tricked the Arsenal goalkeeper and put the ball into the home team's net. The point was disallowed as the player was palpably offside. The first part of the contest ended with the score-Arsenal, two goals; Dundee, one goal.

When the change over came the home eleven displayed the better play both in defence and attack. The Scotchmen also showed a very fine defence, and for nearly half-an-hour nothing was done. Then Powell got a free-kick for the home division, but nothing came from the backs effort.

Boyd, the centre forward, got the ball and put it between the posts, scoring the third goal for his side. The final score is - Arsenal, three goals; Dundee, one goal.

Referee, Band Sergeant Conquer.

Teams:- WOOLWICH ARSENAL - Fairclough (goal), Caldwell and Powell (backs), Davis, Jenkins, and Gordon (half-backs), Mortimer and O'Brien (left wing). Boyd (centre), Haywood and Crawford (right wing).

DUNDEE:- Coventry (goal). Darroch and Burgess (backs). Philip, Longair and Hendry (half-backs). Thompson and Gilligan (right wing). Toman (centre), Black and Keller (left wing).

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