Dundee 2
Lochee United 0

2 - 0
Lochee Utd 

Saturday, January 5th, 1895
Carolina Port
Attendance: 2,000
2:45 PM Kick-off

Bill Sawers 
William Maxwell 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
1. John Gibson
2. Johnny Darroch
3. George Campbell
4. Willie Fleming
5. A McReadie
6. McGhee
7. Bill Thomson
8. David McInroy
9. William Maxwell
10. Bill Sawers
11. Sandy Gilligan

Match Officials

Match Report

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These teams met on Carolina Port on Saturday in a return fixture. The previous meeting of the teams at Lochee having ended in a draw, not a little interest was evinced in the result of Saturday's match, and about 2000 spectators were present.

The teams were:- Dundee - Gibson; Darroch and Campbell; Fleming, McReadie, and McGhee; Thomson, McInroy, Maxwell, Sawers, and Gilligan.

Lochee United - Soutar; Reid and McLeish; Walls, Burgess, and Haxton; Robertson, Murray, Reid, McLaren, and McIntosh.

Dundee kicked off, and soon paid a visit to Soutar. The Lochee backs relieved, and play for a time was confined to midfield. Dundee gradually asserted their superiority, and pressed the suburban men pretty closely, but Soutar was in good form, and saved smartly on several occasions.

Lochee cleared their lines at length, and the front rank got well up into the Dundee half. The attack was but short lived, Darroch and Fleming by vigorous kicking bringing play back to the visitors' end, where Sawers had a good try which just missed by inches.

Near the close of the first period McReadie and Burgess collided violently in at attempting to head the ball, with the result that both were rather severely cut on the head, and they had to retire.

Up to half-time neither side could claim an advintage, and the teams crossed over pointless.

On resuming Dundee assumed the aggressive, and following some smart work in Lochee territory Sawers put on the first goal with a splendid shot.

On the kick-off the United right wing broke away, and Gibson had to fist out a hot one from Robertson. Lochee had now a look-in, and Darroch and Campbell were kept busy for a time.

Relief came from Thomson and McInroy, who between them carried the ball to the other end. A well-timed pass to Maxwell was smartly takrn up by that player, who scored a beautiful goal far out of Soutar's reach.

Dundee now had the game well in hand, and kept the Lochee men pretty well in check to the close when the scores stood:-

Dundee, 2 goals; Lochee United, 0.

Squad Statistics (as at January 5th, 1895)

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