Dundee 5
Cowlairs 0

5 - 0

Saturday, February 3rd, 1894
West Craigie Park
3:15 PM Kick-off

Sandy Keillor 
George Reid 
Bill Thomson 
George Reid 
Sandy Keillor 

Team Managers
Mr E. Grant (Harp FC)

Starting Eleven
1. Francis Barrett
2. James Brown
3. John Dow
4. Alex Craig
5. Henry Matthew
6. Bob Petrie
7. Bill Thomson
8. David McInroy
9. James Dundas
10. George Reid
11. Sandy Keillor

Match Officials

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier.

This Western combination visited Dundee on Saturday afternoon, and lined up against the First Division Leagueites at West Craigie. It was their third appearance in the city this season, and it should be stated in fairness to the visitors (there seems to be some doubt in the matter) that both their previous visits ended in victory for Cowlairs.

A good games was therefore anticipated. Both sides were under strength, Cowlairs being without Edgar, Carson, and Lynch, while Dundee played "subs" for Campbell, Ferrier, Longair, and Gilligan.

It was ideal football weather, and the ground was in fairly good condition. The attendance was short of the usual, still there was by no means a bad turn out.

Mr E. Grant, Harp F.C., had the teams under his surveillance, and shortly after the advertised time the following players entered the enclosur:- Cowlairs - Duff; Harding and McLeod; McFarlane, Maxwell, and McPherson: McFettridge, Shanks, Lamond, Nicoll, and Scott.

Dundee - Barrett; Dow and Brown; Craig, Matthew, and Petrie: Thomson, McInroy, Dundas, Reid, and Keiller,

The spin of the coin went in favour of Cowlairs, and Dundas led off for Dundee towards the north goal, with a slight, ticklish breeze in front. Harding intercepted, and soon the visitors' left were early in evidence.

Dow and then Brown stopped a rush by Nicoll and Scott. Thomson got away prettily on the right, and, placing well to Keillor, that player shot the first goal for Dundee, the game being only some four minutes gone.

Dundee were back again in an instant, but Thomson shot wide. McFettridge got clear on the strangers right, and, getting round, petrie (who, by the way, was playing in good form) canceled Dow to concede a corner.

No advantage, however, resulted, and Nicoll tried a long ranger immediately afterwards, but it went very wide - indeed, the visitors' shooting at this part of the game was their worst denture, and Barrett was never sorely tried.

McInroy went north with rare drive, but McLeod cleared. Good driving by Brown brought Dundee close to Duff, but, from a goal position, McInroy shot outside.

Play was very even, neither side gaining the advantage. Matthew had a chance, but Maxwell cleared in time. Dow failed to clear a rush by Nicoll and Scott, but soon afterwards he checked a combined effort.

Craig handling gave McLeod a free drive, which, however, dropped behind the net. From a good movement by the home fronts, McInroy shot through, but the point was not allowed.

The hair-backs were doing very well on the visitors' side, and some long shots were tried, Reid just missing. Barrett at the other end saved a combined effort after both Dow and Brown had failed.

Some ten minutes from the interval onwards there was some easy play indulged in, and when the suspension came the score was - Dundee, 1; Cowlairs, 0.

In the second half Dundee were first at work through Dundas, and then a really good try by Maxwell just cleared the crossbar.

Some good passing brought play in front of Duff, and Reid, from a pass by Keillor, drove home a second goal for Dundee.

McFettridge missed a good chance from a cross by Nicoll, and then Dundee got away through Thomson.

Play was now of the correct order, and some neat forward work was done by both teams. Dundas tried a shot far out, but Duff saved. After Scott had shot wildly at the north end, Keillor was just too late to accept a pass by Thomson, but almost immediately the latter shot a third goal from a cross by Dundas.

Cowlairs were trying very hard for a point, but there was no getting past Brown, although the efforts of Scott, Nicoll, and McFettridge really deserved a better fate.

A fourth goal came from Reid, and Thomson just mlssed adding another. A little later McFettridge met with an accident, and had to leave, Cowlairs finishing with ten men.

Keilor, just on time, came with his usual rush at the finish, and clapped on a fifth goal, and the game, which was better contested one than the score indicates, ended, the result being :-Dundee, 5 goals; Cowlairs, 0.

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