Dundee 0
St Johnstone 1
League (Premier Division)

0 - 1
St Johnstone 

League (Premier Division)
Tuesday, December 27th, 1983
Dens Park
Attendance: 6,650
3:00 PM Kick-off

None. Ian Gibson (64)

Team Managers
Archie Knox
Alexander Duncan Rennie

Starting Eleven
1. Bobby Geddes
2. George McGeachie
3. Tosh McKinlay
4. Cammy Fraser
5. Jim Smith
6. Iain MacDonald
7. Peter Mackie
8. Lex Richardson
9. Iain Ferguson
10. Walker McCall
11. Andy Geddes
Roy Baines .1
Rab Kilgour .2
Don McVicar .3
Derek Addison .4
Alex Caldwell .5
Drew Rutherford .6
Ian Gibson .7
Raymond Blair .8
Andy Brannigan .9
Alan Lyons .10
Stuart Beedie .11

12. Albert Kidd
14. Colin McGlashan
John Brogan .12
Gordon Scott .14

Albert Kidd for Peter Mackie (68)
Colin McGlashan for George McGeachie (73)

Iain MacDonald (27)
Derek Addison
Don McVicar
Alan Lyons

Red Cards
None. Derek Addison (35)
Match Officials

George Smith (Edinburgh) (Referee)
W. Machray (Dingwall) & W. Crichton (Banchory) (Assistants)

Match Report

Ten tired Muirton men trooped off Dens Park yesterday to the rapturous applause of their supporters. They beat the odds, as well as the home team, for they had to play 55 minutes without Derek Addison, ordered off after being booked earlier.

Conditions were atrocious. A howling wind made a mockery of passes, keepers' kicks did U-turns, controlled football was well-nigh impossible.

But Dundee can have no complaints about the result, and manager Archie Knox wasn't looking for excuses at the end

"Very disappointing," he said.

"I honestly thought we would win this one, after the way the players have worked for it, but we can have no excuses at losing.

"It was very apparent, right from the start that our players were apprehensive after their poor home results so far. It's a problem still to be solved.

"Of course the wind played a big part-but it was the same for both teams."

For St Johnstone boss Alex Rennie this was a great victory, especially after his side looked in deep trouble when Addison departed. "We battled it out well," was his tribute to the players.

Saints have now won three Premier games on the trot, narrowing the gap between Dundee and themselves to four.

They could be heading for the greatest escape act since, Houdini!

Dundee had the wind and slope in their favour first half, and obviously had most of the. pressure. But pressure in these conditions doesn't mean scoring is easy.

Saints found it possible to put together some good passes against the wind and had a few dangerous looking attacks, though Bobby Geddes's saves were few.

Still, Dundee could, and should, have cashed in. As early as the fourth minute a corner kick from Fraser curled in to hit the top of Baines' post.

Shortly after, Smith, upfield for another corner, mishit his header and the ball went wide. Baines dealt confidently with other efforts and, as Archie Knox said, his players did not look confident in their work, especially in finishing.

It was frustrating for both sides, and play became towsy. Ian MacDonald was booked for fouling Lyons, and for some reason, Derek Addison got het up about the incident, and he, too was booked for saying too much.

It was to prove costly for Derek. Eight minutes later he fouled Andy Geddes, and had to be ordered off.

So Saints were left with ten men, facing that gale for ten minutes of the first half. They passed the test with flying colours. The second half wouldn't be quite as daunting, surely.

And so it proved. Dundee. huffed and puffed without ever being convincing. Saints, I'm sure, would have settled for a draw, but clinched the points from a set-piece in 63 minutes.

Ex-Tannadice man Ian Gibson did the trick, hitting a free-kick expertly past the Dundee wall, and Bobby Geddes, from 20 yards.

The first goal in a game like this had to be crucial. Though Dundee had a lot of late pressure against a tiring Muirton ten, the visitors' defence never flinched. Roy Baines provided the right inspiration by his immaculate work in goal.

Dundee threw in both substitutes at different times- Kidd for McGeachie then McGlashan for Mackie, without denting the Muirton resistance.

In addition to Addison and McDonald, there were other bookings for Saints, McVicar and Lyons in the second half. Addison, as well as his automatic one-game suspension, is now over the points limit, and will serve more "time" in due course.

A sad day for Dundee, who have now lost six out of nine league games at Dens so far this season and are obviously suffering from confidence- failure at home.

A turning point, perhaps, for Saints. Three wins in a row cannot be written off as a despairing flourish by a team that looked doomed early in the season.

The New Year programme I will be vital for both clubs. Saints have Hearts at home on Saturday and travel to Pittodrie next Tuesday. Dundee's task is even more difficult-Pittodrie on Saturday, Dundee United at Dens on January 3.

It was a win at Tannadice, in early November, that set Dundee off on their best spell of the season. They badly need another boost like that!

Match report written by The Courier

Squad Statistics (as at December 27th, 1983)

1983-84 All Time
Bobby Geddes (GK)23 17 - 85 -
Tosh McKinlay19 251261
Jim Smith22 20 - 783
George McGeachie24 16 - 1808
Andy Geddes24 122349
Cammy Fraser26 23314021
Peter Mackie25 22317222
Lex Richardson25 14 - 14 -
Iain MacDonald30 153756
Walker McCall29 22112211
Iain Ferguson21 24912645
Albert Kidd (sub)22 161768
Colin McGlashan (sub)19 5 - 7 -

League Table (as at December 27th, 1983)

No league table has been added for this season.

Manager's Programme Notes

In this my first message, I would like to underline how pleased I am to have been offered the job of managing Dundee Football Club.

The reasons why I took up the challenge here at Dens Park have been well aired in the press at the time of my appointment and there is little need to go over them again.

But what I would like to say is that I am very grateful to Alex Ferguson and the Directors of Aberdeen for their co-operation in allowing me to take up this opportunity.

It means a great deal to me that when this job became vacant the Directors of Dundee wanted me to take on the responsibility of attempting to restore this club to its former high status in Scottish football.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Aberdeen but felt I was ready to be my own man and when this club first made the approach I knew that moment had arrived.

To you fans at Dens today, I would like to say right away that, alongside the players, you are the most important people at this club. I'm aware that is a well-worn cliche but I am extremely serious and I also want you to play your part as we go about getting this club alive again.

I will be insisting that my players give total effort through thick and thin and I would ask the fans to do likewise. I cannot make demands of the fans in the same way as I can make demands of my players.

But I would ask you to give the team your wholehearted support even when things aren't

going as well as you might hope. It is my intention to give you a team worthy of your support and you can help us along the way by giving us positive and passionate encouragement. I can promise you that if the players are getting this kind of back-up from the stands and terracing it has the effect of making them better at their job.

Fans exert a major influence and as we strive for better things you can help. So far as the playing side of things is concerned here at Dens, I have discovered they are all very keen to work, and the game against Rangers at Ibrox certainly confirmed this. The players certainly marked my card that day and I'm grateful to them for that.

Now I know exactly what they are capable of in terms of application and effort and there is no reason why they cannot show this same level in every single game. I now regard what I saw at Ibrox as a basic and anything short of that will not be tolerated.

We all have hard work in abundance in the days ahead but I am optimistic. Certainly, I wouldn't have given up the security I had at Pittodrie if I didn't think this club could go places.

Sure, there are restraints, but believe me, every club in Scotland is operating under some form of restraint with only a couple of notable exceptions. In that respect we're in the same boat as most others and the immediate aim is to get all the heads up-and that includes the fans - and get things buzzing here once again.

It is my pleasure to welcome St. Johnstone and their fans to Dens for today's match and I'm sure all connected with the Muirton club will be delighted at their recent upturn in form which has seen them win the last two games.

No matter the opponents, all games in the Premier League are difficult and we must apply ourselves totally to getting the better of the opposition.

Saints can perhaps see the light at the end of the tunnel but we'll try our best to cast a shadow over their recent revival...for the time being anyway.