Dundee 2
Hibernian 1
League Cup (Semi Final)

2 - 1

League Cup (Semi Final)
Saturday, October 4th, 1952
Tynecastle Park
Attendance: 44,200
3:00 PM Kick-off

Billy Steel 
Bobby Flavell 
Lawrie Reilly

Team Managers
George Anderson
Hugh Shaw

Starting Eleven
1. Bobby Henderson
2. Gerry Follon
3. Jack Cowan
4. Ken Ziesing
5. Alfie Boyd
6. Doug Cowie
7. Jimmy Toner
8. Albert Henderson
9. Bobby Flavell
10. Billy Steel
11. George Christie
Tommy Younger
Jock Govan
Hugh Howie
Archie Buchanan
Jock Paterson
Bobby Combe
Gordon Smith
Bobby Johnstone
Lawrie Reilly
Eddie Turnbull
Willie Ormond


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Courier.

There is no doubt about it," said Mr Hugh Shaw, manager of Hibs, when I spoke to him after the game, "The better team won."

It's only natural that many regret it is not Rangers who are to meet Dundee in the final.

The gate, of course, will be affected. But it's the spice of football that the wee lads can pop up and knock out the giants. And the Rugby Parkers have a grand cup tradition.

"Although it may be a little more difficult to work up that big-game' outlook when facing a smaller club." remarked skipper Alf Boyd, "we'll be there fighting."

Mr George Anderson, who is in an Aberdeen nursing home, was kept in touch with the game by phone messages from Tynecastle in the first half.

He listened to the broadcast of the second half. Reggie Smith gave him his version of the game in the evening.

"I'm very proud of the boys," he said.

He had sent a message before the start of the game "What we have we hold, Get in and make it five."

Every Dundee man played up to standard and several turned in the game of their lives.

There was that amazing overhead kick of Johnstone's. It was so unexpected it made the crowd gasp. It was speeding straight for goal when Henderson brought off a super save. Hibs were leading 1-0 at that point.

Early on young Albert Henderson had two terrific shots which whistled over the bar. These shook the Hibs defence.

Jimmy Toner gave them another jolt when he hit the bar, and from that moment he led the defence a merry dance and kept on shooting. He always seemed to be in the empty space to collect those perfect passes of Ken Ziesing's. All through Ken was masterly in attack and defence.

Jack Cowan had a tough job in the first half with Gordon Smith, but he stuck it out and in the second half Smith was never in it.

Gerry Follon had a lot to do with the ineffective play of Ormond and Turnbull.

If the selectors are to hand out honours on merit then Doug Cowie must come into international class right now.

In this game, studded with football stars, Doug shone brightest of them all. His head and foot work were perfection.

Alf Boyd was sound in the middle, even if he had to admit defeat when Reilly scored his goal. But to be beaten only once by the dashing Lawrie is a good performance.

Bobby Flavell gave Paterson a very uncomfortable game and glided home the winning goal

"I think George Christie's shot was going in," said Bobby afterwards, "but I gave it a poke to make sure!"

We didn't see much of Billy Steel in the first half, but how he worked in that second half fight-back! There were times when the ball seemed to be tied to his feet and he became the mainspring of a relentless attack.

There was a new George Christie in this game, He had sparkling runs along the wing and he shot with a fierceness which was refreshing. From one of his drives Younger brought off the save of the match.

Hibs gave everything they had but wilted towards the end. Their defence could not be compared to the Dens Parkers.

And if a stranger had been viewing the game he would have thought that the international wingers were Toner and Christie and not Ormond and Smith.

The official attendance 44.200.

Squad Statistics (as at October 4th, 1952)

1952-53 All Time
Bobby Henderson (GK)35 12 - 37 -
Doug Cowie26 11 - 1631
Gerry Follon33 9 - 2252
Alfie Boyd31 10221424
Jack Cowan25 12 - 1001
Ken Ziesing - 12 - 3711
Jimmy Toner28 1025016
Bobby Flavell31 12104429
Albert Henderson - 5 - 168
Billy Steel29 1067528
George Christie - 1136316

League Table (as at October 4th, 1952)

No league table has been added for this season.