Dundee 6
Airdrieonians (1878) 0
League (A Division)

6 - 0
Airdrie (1878) 

League (A Division)
Saturday, September 27th, 1947
Dens Park
Attendance: 19,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Albert Juliussen (2)
Johnny Pattillo (14)
Albert Juliussen (24)
Albert Juliussen (60)
Ronnie Turnbull (82)
Ernie Ewen (86)

Team Managers
George Anderson
Alex Ritchie

Starting Eleven
1. Johnny Lynch
2. Gerry Follon
3. Bobby Ancell
4. Doug Cowie
5. Alfie Boyd
6. Reggie Smith
7. George Hill
8. Ernie Ewen
9. Ronnie Turnbull
10. Johnny Pattillo
11. Albert Juliussen
John Moodie
John Peters
Willie Cunningham
Ben Duncan
Willie Kelly
Jim Peden
Willie Brown
Bobby Flavell
Sam Picken
Robert Cook


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

T. Shirley (Troon) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Sporting Post.

The Broomfielders were practically swept off the park. Near the end the Dark Blues were flaunting their prowess in the lazy, easy style that comes from complete confidence.

Dundee have got something - a real blend of subtle and go-ahead methods.

The parrying strokes of Cowie, Boyd, and Smith turned defence into attack with lightning speed. In front of such trip any five forwards could surely play football!

Still, give the front-rankers their due. They were all tip top, and their marksmen found things going their way.

With a lot of hesitation L plump for Turnbull as the star for his spirited foraging, his swift flicks so easily translated into goals, and his admirable unselfishness

Yet the power play of Johnny Pattillo, the devastating shooting of "Juli," make me inclined to divide the merit stars three way.

The other two were not failures by any means, but the three set high standard.

No faults in the rear. Cowie and Follon are two coming young men, Ancell and Smith were in top form, and Alfie Boyd showed he is one of the best bargains to reach Dens Park.

Airdrie played nice football, but lacked vital punch at goal.

Sammy Picken, who switched with Brown after the interval, and Flavell put a lot of work on the ball, only to see it wasted.

Bob Cook's wallop was seldom in evidence, Jerry Follon had the big winger subdued.

Airdrie's midline was below par, and the defence, barring Moodie, was a shadow of last year's.

Dundee - Lynch: Fallon. Ancell: Cowie. Boyd. Smith; Hill, Ewen, Turnbull, Pattillo, Juliussen.

Airdrie - Moodie: Peters, Cunningham: Duncan, Kelly. Peden: Anderson, Brown, Flavell, Picken. Cook.

Referee - T Shirley, Troon.

Attendance 19.000

Squad Statistics (as at September 27th, 1947)

1947-48 All Time
Johnny Lynch (GK) - 10 - 101 -
Alfie Boyd26 10 - 18 -
Bobby Ancell36 10 - 42 -
Doug Cowie21 5 - 8 -
Gerry Follon28 10 - 42 -
Ernie Ewen - 1074440
Reggie Smith35 6 - 414
Albert Juliussen27 662839
Johnny Pattillo32 824024
Ronnie Turnbull25 1043023
George Hill26 7 - 294

League Table (as at September 27th, 1947)

No league table has been added for this season.