Dundee 4
Celtic 1
League Cup (Group 3)

4 - 1

League Cup (Group 3)
Saturday, September 6th, 1947
Dens Park
Attendance: 35,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Johnny Pattillo (5)
Ernie Ewen (26)
Ernie Ewen (pen.) (37)
Albert Juliussen (47)
Tommy Bogan (30)

Team Managers
George Anderson
Jimmy McGrory

Starting Eleven
1. Johnny Lynch
2. Gerry Follon
3. Bobby Ancell
4. Doug Cowie
5. Alfie Boyd
6. Reggie Smith
7. Tommy Gray
8. Ernie Ewen
9. Ronnie Turnbull
10. Johnny Pattillo
11. Albert Juliussen
Willie Miller
Bobby Hogg
Patrick McDonald
John McPhail
William Corbett
Patrick McAuley
Tommy Bogan
Robert Quinn
Joseph Rae
Bobby Evans
John Paton


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

W. Bowman (Motherwell) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Sporting Post.

What a day we had at Dens Park!

Bottles by the hundreds were thrown, police made arrests, scores of injured were bandaged up at a casualty clearing station in front of the stand.

A sorry exhibition. Yet the game couldn't be blamed. The tackling wasn't namby-pamby , but it was never really coarse.

Celts were on the slide in five minutes after a Cowie-Turnbull-Pattillo pattern which split the defence wide open. Willie Miller went off in 11 minutes with a shoulder injury but in my opinion his loss made little difference. No disparagement to the 'keeper, who showed later he might easily have been a good forward, too neither did his two deputies, Hogg and Rae, let the side down.

No, the Bhoys blinded themselves with their own science. Time and time again the ball slid from Celt to Celt, with Dens Parkers floundering in between - but the ball was always coming backwards. There was once a raid which went in a complete circle. McPhail to Bogan, to Evans to Rae, to Paton to Quinn - to McPhail, and they had made just no ground at all. Well, you get nowhere with that sort of nonsense. Evans alone of the forward showed real endeavour.

Dundee's queerly-arranged, with a centre-half on one wing, and a centre on the other, actually hit a sparking combination early on, but was tame as the crowd before the finish.

They showed great spirit and confidence, especially reserve Half-Back Cowie and the misplaced Boyd, but the forwards failed blend in spite of being opposed by a very uneasy Celtic mid-line and a jittery defence.

Beside all the incidents I mentioned at the start, Dundee had two penalties - Ewan missing one and scoring one. Then there was the gentle reproof of the reg to Pat McDonald as his "ordering off" of Mallan when he team on to help an injured comrade.

Attendance: 35,000

Squad Statistics (as at September 6th, 1947)

1947-48 All Time
Johnny Lynch (GK) - 7 - 98 -
Bobby Ancell - 7 - 39 -
Doug Cowie21 2 - 5 -
Gerry Follon - 7 - 39 -
Tommy Gray - 7 - 40 -
Reggie Smith - 3 - 384
Alfie Boyd - 7 - 15 -
Ernie Ewen - 764139
Albert Juliussen - 312534
Johnny Pattillo - 513723
Ronnie Turnbull - 732722

League Table (as at September 6th, 1947)

No league table has been added for this season.