Dundee 6
Rangers 1
League (Division One)

6 - 1

League (Division One)
Saturday, February 5th, 1938
Dens Park
Attendance: 15,000
3:00 PM Kick-off

Arthur Baxter (pen.) 
Archie Coats 
Archie Coats 
Arthur Baxter 
Arthur Baxter 
Jimmy Boyd 
Venters (18)

Team Managers
Andy Cunningham

Starting Eleven
1. Johnny Lynch
2. Andy Cowie
3. Leonard Richards
4. John Laurie
5. Bill Morgan
6. Harry Sneddon
7. Jimmy Boyd
8. Arthur Baxter
9. Archie Coats
10. Harry McMenemy
11. Sam Roberts


None. None.

None. None.

Red Cards
None. None.
Match Officials

Match Report

It was a positively bewildering battle of the blues at Dens Park. The result almost unbelievable.

The response by Dundee was the thrill of the season! Rangers rocked, reeled, and were ripped to pieces.

It was their heaviest defeat for more than 40 years, and yet it might have been even more severe.

Think of it-Dundee threatened Rangers with relegation and present holders of the championship title! A stranger within the gates would have been excused for mistaking the teams.

The homesters had the courage and colour of champions. The play of the visitors was stamped with the strain of a team in trouble.

The two provided an astonishing contrast, and one of countless questions suggested in a week-end of calm reflection was-Why do Dundee persistently and perplexingly bring out their best only on the big occasion?

Their performance was a tonic example of "go-getting." It thrilled a flabbergast 15,000. It had them whooping their delight and hollering for more goals.

And, right at the start, let it be stated that the final six did not fully reflect the number of chances that were offered. Hat trickster Arthur Baxter and two-goal Archie Costs each refused two glorious opportunities in a smashing finish to the second half. The former, too, missed a penalty in that palpitating period.

All Glasgow may have gone gloomy on learning the result. Actually their favourites were treated lightly. The margin might have been 11-1.

And in looking at that solitary single it was an almost comic reflection to remember that Rangers scored first! Fearful home supporters felt it was the beginning of the end. Actually it was but the start of the sensation of the century.

Two factors were mainly responsible for this wonder win-the stranglehold that the home half-backs untimately obtained on the Rangers attack and the plain panic created by Coats in the visiting defence.

Two of the greatest in a great game were Morgan and Coats. The pivot was magnificent-tireless in his trailing of Thornton and all-commanding in the air. And the centre forward was a restless, roving raider. Simpson was constantly concerned and occasionally stampeded.

All-action Archie gave early inspiration to the home line, and the later all-round response was superb. Dundee's only difficult period was in the first fifteen minutes of the second half. They led 4-1. They tended to concentrate too much in defence in their resistance to sus tained and sweeping attacks. But they survived and revived, and long before the end it was but one merry march to victory.

Their two strongest in the respective divisions have been mentioned. It may be invidious to individualise on. work well done by all, and yet it is pardonable to pay fuller tribute in one or two other instances. Cowie was splendid-sure in his kicking and certain in his tackling. Laurie offered perhaps the more finished touches in a storming mid-line.

And newcomer Roberts left no regrets. He might have been given more to do, but what he did was promising, refreshing in its directness and speed, and quite a favour able guide to good contributions to come. Yet to all the "big hand."

Granted Rangers were ragged, but do not forget they played as well as they were per. mitted to play. Dougie Gray was the ever dependable and Smith the one passably potent attacker, whose power seemed wasted on the wing.

The goal rush developed suddenly. In 18 minutes Venters raced after a peach pass from Harrison and hit a sure winner past the advancing Lynch. In four minutes more McKillop mis judged a tackle on the menacing Coats, and Baxter bumped home the penalty.

Coats to the rescue again in another five minutes and a glorious goal from a Sneddon pass, and then two more in two minutes nearing the interval-a Coats' header from a Boyd cross and a Baxter smash-hit that rebounded from the iron stanchion at the back of the net.

What a party and what a handicap to Rangers at the interval! Their feeverish bid to reduce the leeway at the start of the second half was worrying for a time, but it was checked, and the effort seemed too much for them. Dundee finished almost as they pleased.

They might have made more of their advantage, and an astonishing rout was com pleted by Baxter and Boyd. The same again, please, Dundee!

DUNDEE Lynch; Cowie and Richards: Taurie.

Morgan, and Sneddon; Boyd, M'Menemy, and Roberte. RANGERS Jenkins; Gray Baxter, Coate, and Winning: M'Killop. Simpson, and Brown; Main, Venters, Thornton, Harrison, and Smith. Referee P. Craigmyle, Aberdeen.

Match report written by The Courier

Squad Statistics (as at February 5th, 1938)

1937-38 All Time
Johnny Lynch (GK) - 12 - 32 -
Leonard Richards26 13 - 69 -
Harry Sneddon - 4 - 4 -
John Laurie - 231271
Andy Cowie - 271351
Arthur Baxter - 26197636
Bill Morgan - 8 - 8 -
Jimmy Boyd - 164164
Harry McMenemy - 266266
Archie Coats26 2811151100
Sam Roberts - 1 - 1 -

League Table (as at February 5th, 1938)

No league table has been added for this season.