St Bernard's 4
Dundee 2
League (Division One)

St Bernard's 

4 - 2


League (Division One)
Saturday, August 17th, 1895
New Logie Green
Attendance: 2,500
3:00 PM Kick-off

Brown (35)
James Dundas 
Thomas Lonie 

Team Managers

Starting Eleven
Francis Barrett .1
Johnny Darroch .2
Charlie Burgess .3
James Dundas .4
Bill Hendry .5
William Longair .6
Bill Thomson .7
Sandy Gilligan .8
Thomas Lonie .9
Willie Ford .10
Dave T. McDonald .11

Match Officials

Mr J. Marshall (Third Lanark) (Referee)

Match Report

Newspaper extract from The Dundee Advertisor | Ref. BNA (; The British Library Board | Copyright Statement - .

Dundee were engaged in another Scottish League fixture, and, being again defeated, still remain at the bottom of the list.

Their opponents were the St Bernards, and the game took place at Logie Green, Edinburgh.

Keillor, who has not yet recovered from his injury, was again absent from the ranks of Dundee, and St Bernards wanted two men.

The players were:- Dundee -Barrett, Darroch, Burgess, Dundas, Hendry, Longair, Thomson, Gilligan, Lonie, Ford, and Macdonald.

St Bernards - Sneddon, Wilson, Kinross, Murdoch, McKinnon, Tennant, Wilson, Paton, Laing, Brown, and Hall.

Mr Marshall, 3d Lanark, was referee.

At the start the weather was cloudy and the atmosphere very warm. When Laing kicked off there were about 2000 present, Dundee had the first run down, but Murdoch and Kinross soon sent the ball the other way, and Brown was loudly applauded for the manner in which he dodged Dundas.

The same player distinguished himself a little later, and the Saints kept up the pressure on Dundee territory. Several times did they come very near scoring.

At length Longair let his forwards away, and Gilligan tipping over to Ford, some fine passing took the Dundee front rank in front of Sneddon. Here McDonald got possession, and landed the ball in the net, but he was palpably offside that the referee at once pointed for a kick for goal.

Another shot from the same wing was merely inches too high. Once more attention was directed to Barrett's charge, when the home forwards were engaged in what proved to be a futile attempt to pierce the Tayside defence.

Equal interchanges and open play prevailed, and the football so far had not been of the highest order. Macdonald put the ball into the net a second time, but he was offside.

The home forwards had a nice breakaway, and the ball went to Laing. The centre forward had to go off alone, and the pace was too much for him. He narrowly missed getting a goal, however aided by a strong half back line, which effectually broke up the home combination, the Dundee backs had plenty of room to deal with any individual runs which might be attempted.

At the close of 30 minutes Dundee were pressing, strongly. A smart shot from the right would certainly have beaten Sneddon had not Murdoch in clever fashion averted the danger.

A foul having been awarded St Bernards, Wilson and Paton got the ball between them, and set off at top speed for the other end. The little outside man screwed in beautifully, and Brown finished up a grand piece of work by scoring the first goal, after 35 minutes play.

This success imparted plenty of confidence into the blue jerseys, who started off again in fine style.

Getting within shooting distance, Hall sent in a good one, which Laing gave the finishing touch to, leaving Barrett no chance of saving. Half-time-St Bernards, 2 goals; Dundee, 0.

When Dundee lined up after the interval it was noticed that six forwards toed the line, Hendry having been advanced from centre half.

The first notable incident of the second half was when Kinross cleverly pulled up Macdonald and sent the ball away down the field. Play had not been long commenced when, finding there was necessity, Hendry slipped back to centre half.

Forcing the play in splendid style, the St Bernards pressed down, and Barrett had to fist.

Dundee were also improving, and the spectators were entertained to one of the best passing runs seen so far by the Dundee front line.

It was Sneddon's ability, which was tested severely, which kept the home goal intact. He was beaten, however, a little later, a long slanting shot from Dundas dropping into the corner of the net.

With only a goal between the teams, play raged furiously. The Saints made a strong and vigorous attack on the Dundee goal, Wilson twice being within an ace of scoring. He was, however, lucky, for after having a dodging run he passed to Laing, who scored.

Scarcely had the game been restarted than Dundee made tracks for Sneddon. Once there their efforts met with success, Lonie heading through the visitors' second point.

Again St Bernards retaliated, and McKinnon once more banged the ball into the net. Until the close the struggle was hard, but no further scoring resulted, and the game ended St Bernards, 4; Dundee, 2.

Squad Statistics (as at August 17th, 1895)

1895-96 All Time
Francis Barrett (GK)23 2 - 32 -
Charlie Burgess21 2 - 2 -
Johnny Darroch - 2 - 26 -
Bill Hendry - 2 - 2 -
William Longair25 1 - 411
James Dundas27 214114
Willie Ford - 2 - 2 -
Sandy Gilligan - 2 - 3512
Thomas Lonie - 2153
Dave T. McDonald - 2121
Bill Thomson - 2 - 398

League Table (as at August 17th, 1895)

No league table has been added for this season.