William Wallace
Manager Profile

Manager Details

  • Full Name: William Wallace
  • Born: 1873 (Woolwich)
  • Died: August 26th, 1926 (Dundee)
  • First Appointed: March 31st, 1899

Managerial History

Mar 31st, 1899 to Feb 21st, 1919

Most Appearances Top Scorers
1. Sandy MacFarlane - 333
2. John Fraser - 212
3. Herbert Dainty - 211
4. Bert Lee - 162
5. Fred McDiarmid - 160
6. Bert Neal - 155
7. Bob Crumley - 152
8. William Muir - 147
9. Jimmy Jeffray - 143
10. George Steven - 142
1. Davie Brown - 79
2. Sandy MacFarlane - 71
3. John Hunter - 60
4. Jimmy Bellamy - 50
5. Robert Hamilton - 45
6. Tommy McDermott - 32
7. George Langlands - 28
8. John Fraser - 27
9. George Steven - 27
10. Herbert Dainty - 25

First Match In Charge
Sep 2nd, 1899 3 - 1 vs. Clyde, League (Division One)

Last Match In Charge
Apr 28th, 1917 2 - 1 vs. Rangers, League (Division One)

Total Players Used:

Biggest Win(s)
Jan 23rd, 1909 9 - 0 vs. Ayr Parkhouse, Scottish Cup (1st Round)

Heaviest Defeat(s)
Dec 25th, 1914 0 - 7 vs. Third Lanark, League (Division 1)

Overall Record

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
611 261 143 207 960 778
(42.7%) (23.4%) (33.9%) 1.57 pg 1.27 pg

At Home

Games Won Drawn Lost For Against
313 187 71 55 635 278
(59.7%) (22.7%) (17.6%) 2.03 pg 0.89 pg


Mr William Wallace took up the reigns as Dundee Football Clubs first ever manager around March/April of 1899. The club had been facing some trouble on and off the park and were in the middle of moving from their home ground of Carolina Port to Dens Park.

With the company, Dundee Football Athletic .Ltd, going bankrupt, a committee was appointed at a public meeting which was put together for the reconstruction of the club. This resulted in Mr. Wallace being unanimously appointed by the directors to become Honorary Secretary, stepping into the role of retiring Tom Shaw.

His initial aim to secure funds to help the club, so Wallace organised a 'Bazaar' which would run for three days. This would be held at the Kinnaird Hall on the on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of December. The three day event raised £925 3s 2d from various stalls.

With the club moving to Dens Park, Wallace was also responsible in the layout of the pitch and construction of the buildings.

While manager of Dundee, he would lead the club to two Scottish Cup Semi Finals and three runner up placings in the league. More importantly, he led Dundee to their only Scottish Cup victory so far in 1910.

Wallace would remain as Dundee manager until February 21st 1919 when he had to unfortunately resigned for health reasons. Straight away, the club would advertise for a player-manager to take over from the departing Wallace.

His resignation was submitted and accepted during a meeting of the directors on February 25th 1919. It was stated that Mr. Wallace was advised by his medical advisor that he should relinquish his role.

Before his time with Dundee, Wallace a prominent cross-country runner, was a member of the Airlie Club and later on, the Dundee Harriers. He would then become an official of the Hawkhill Harriers.

He would then turn his attention to football but only in an administrative capacity and became an official at Forthill Athletic, then becoming the first chairman of Forfarshires Football association.

Wallace was also an official handicapper for the Scottish Amateur Athletic Association, and was also in the jute trade along with being a well-know figure at the Royal Exchange.

He passed away in the Royal Infirmary on the 26th August 1926 after battling an illness for several weeks.

Players Signed

New Players Transferred In
Player Date Signed Fee
1. Alexander Robertson Aug 0th, 1899
2. James Cairns Robertson Dec 22nd, 1900
3. Sandy MacFarlane Nov 15th, 1901
4. George Henderson Jan 21st, 1902
5. William Muir Jun 5th, 1902
6. Sam Gilligan Oct 23rd, 1902
7. Matthew Reilly Jun 29th, 1904
8. John Fraser May 3rd, 1905
9. Herbert Dainty May 4th, 1905
10. John Hunter May 0th, 1907
11. Jimmy Bellamy May 10th, 1908
12. Robert Hamilton May 15th, 1910
13. Tommy Kelso Feb 18th, 1913
14. David Thomson Aug 7th, 1913
15. Alec Troup Aug 18th, 1915
16. George Anderson Oct 17th, 1917

Youth Players Signed on Professional Terms
Player Pro Terms Signed